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TRC Medical Matters

Tanglin Rugby Club – First Aid and Emergency Medical Response

For all matches and ad-hoc training sessions, there is a Club requirement to have a certified First Aid person in attendance. This can be a suitably certified parent or coach, or someone specifically hired to attend the session. Coaches must ensure that they can contact the emergency medical services e.g. have a working cellular phone available, and have the parent contact details for all players.

In the event of a medical emergency dial 995

What do I Tell the 995 Control Room Operator

  • Identify yourself and provide a telephone contact number.
  • Clearly explain the location and specific address of where the patient can be located.
  • i.e. Tanglin Rugby Club pitch located besides the old race track perimeter road at Turf City, Turf Club Road off Dunearn Road near Sixth Avenue.
  • Describe the patient, and give brief symptoms e.g. male, Caucasian, aged 16 years, suffering with severe neck pain due to a collision playing rugby, having trouble breathing, unconscious etc.

What to do while awaiting the ambulance

  • Send someone to await the ambulance crew e.g. to show the ambulance where to drive to gain access and to get as close as possible to the patient.
  • Locate, and allow the onsite certified First Aid person to manage the patient’s condition.
  • Warn anybody who tries to intervene and take the decision making out of the control of the appointed First Aider that they may personally become liable from that point onwards and the club does not accept any liability as a result of their actions.
  • Remove any players and supporters away from the injured individual, to a safe location.
  • If possible try to make contact with the patient’s family and advise them of the situation.

Which Hospital will a Patient be conveyed to?

  • The SCDF ambulance will convey all emergency cases to the nearest hospital.
  • Ambulances serving Turf City will usually relay patients to the National University Hospital (NUH). Before the ambulance departs, make sure you have confirmation of where it is going.
  • A parent or a responsible person must go with the patient in the ambulance.

What is an Emergency

An emergency is an illness or injury that could end in death or serious complication if it is not treated immediately. The following is a guide to cases classified as emergencies:

  • Dislocated or broken bones
  • Deep cuts or wounds with profuse bleeding
  • Head injuries that are followed by drowsiness, vomiting, bleeding (from the ears, nose or mouth) or unusual behaviour
  • Injuries to chest, abdomen, pelvis or spine (neck and backbone)
  • Drowsiness or unconsciousness where the person cannot be roused
  • Difficulty in breathing or choking
  • Sudden or severe chest pain or sudden or severe abdominal pain that will not go away
  • Snake bite ( stay calm and call 995 , remember it might not be poisonous )
  • Any burn caused by electric shock or by lightning


  • Only National University Hospital (NUH) and Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have all the anti venoms!
  • Usually a bite from a non-venomous snake looks like a row of teeth bites
  • Usually a bite from a venomous snake looks like double fang marks.
  • STAY CALM, call SCDF emergency number, who will advise if a visit to the Emergency Department is needed


Tel : 995 SCDF emergency ambulance service

Tel : 1777 SCDF non emergency ambulance service

Tel : 1800 286 5555 SCDF General Enquiries


Tel : 6100 1989 TRC have appointed an onsite standby Paramedic service provider Singapore Emergency Medical Care Training and Services [SMCT]

  • Charges are $35 per hour
  • Must be booked 5 days in advance
  • For emergency cases the patient will be stabilised and relayed to NUS
  • For non-emergency cases patients will be treated and advised to seek further medical treatment.
  • If used AED pads / ECG electrode will be charged at S$ 150 per pad
  • if Oxygen is administered, it will be charged at S$ 50 per patient

For all SMCT bookings please download and complete the attached booking form, which needs to be sent to SMCT and copied to;

Operations Manager (


Tel : 6336 0269


Eye infections may be caused by viruses, which are very transmissible, bacteria and parasites. The soil in many asian countries seems to harbor a particular group of parasites called ‘Microsporidia’. These do not respond to normal antibiotics and many doctors may not be familiar with the condition. We suggest that players with ‘red eye’ who do not respond promptly to initial medication be referred to an eye specialist and that you mention this organism. It is found throughout Singapore and affects people playing all kinds of outdoor sports, including golf, football, running and rugby. Players should be taught, and continuously reminded, to ask for help to wash out their eyes whenever they get soil or mud in them.

Please find below a number of notes offering advice on how to stay healthy while playing rugby for TRC, and for visitors to Singapore.

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