How the Islanders became The Islanders

— by Dean Ward, founding Islanders Head Coach   How did you become a TRC member and Head Coach? My youngest brother, James, joined TRC when first moving over from Hong Kong around 2009/2010 and I used to come down to Turf City and watch him play.   I then started to come down regularly…

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What are our Junior Players Focussing on this Term?

U5 The U5s focus this term is to foster a love of being at TRC playing rugby, to build friendships within the group and form a bond with the coaches and the club. We want the kids to be excited to come to rugby every Sunday morning. Coaches will be concentrating on skills development as…

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Introducing U5 Head Coach Fawzia

How long you have been involved with TRC?  How did you find out about TRC?  Since 2012, so about 5 years. I remember the dark days when we had to cook our own bacon butties and takeout Coffee Bean was the only beverage option, gladly times have changed… although chardonnay was also served in those days…

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