TRC Lightning Policy

Given our location in a tropical climate with over 160 thunderstorm days per year on average, lightning safety is of the utmost importance at TRC.



  • Suspension of play (ie all club members and guests needing to retreat under cover to a safe area*) is based on the typical schools and outdoor activity policies in Singapore, these are consistent with the maximum sensitivity of commercial lightning meters:
    • any cloud to ground strike within an 8km radius forces suspension of play (and retreat to a safe area);
    • there must be no CtG strike within an 8km radius for at least 15 mins before play and outdoor activity can resume
  • Strike alerts can be found on the My Env app and the national online lightning alert service (note that the previous app is no longer operational and its functions have been merged with the My ENV app).
  • TRC also use a handheld lightning alter meter - as also used by the schools - as a back-up in tandem with the online service.



  • At regular club training, a Committee member at the grounds will monitor the alerts and will make the call to stop play and retreat to a safe area.
  • On the rare occasion that no committee member is present at regular training, a Head Coach or responsible person will be nominated by the committee for the day.
  • At TRC tournaments the Tournament Director will make and implement these decisions.
  • For any out of hours training sessions at TRC pitches (or at any venue where TRC training is taking place), the Head Coach in charge is responsible for monitoring the weather and applying the same protocol. **



  • Only the Head Coach/Team Manager will make and communicate the decision on whether to cancel an event for their age group.
  • They will decide on a notice period, (eg "decision will be made 1 hour before the meeting time"), based on their understanding of their age group’s context including players travel times, members living far from TRC and how important the session is and thus how late they want to leave it before making the decision.
  • For regular training and home matches the club will keep the Head Coach and Team Managers up to speed on conditions and lightning status at the pitches to allow them to make an informed judgement about whether to meet or cancel, however regardless of any decision to meet or not, the above suspension/resume and protocol will be applied at the pitches at all times.
  • Communication will be via TeamSnap and if in use age group WhatsApp channels.


*Safe areas at TRC are under the permanently tented areas only (not under temporary/moveable tents or at sight-screens, pylons, post or lights) - note that all permanent structures at TRC are lightning protected.

** Alerts can be automated using the My Env app. Best practice in these circumstances would be for the Head Coach to appoint a Team Manager or parent to monitor the app or website while training is going on.